Top 5 Reasons Your School Needs Electrostatic Cleaning

Schools are continuously dealing with students, staff, faculty, and parents. With so many people on the campus throughout the day, providing a clean and healthy environment is a priority. A clear plan for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting surfaces helps protect the facility and everyone in it. In fact, using this cleaning method has been shown to increase efficiency up to 10 times more than traditional cleaning methods.

While schools usually employ a janitorial staff to handle cleaning duties, schools now have additional policies and procedures for student safety and health to follow. This requires a higher degree of sanitation beyond wiping down areas or ignoring places that are often overlooked. Here are 5 reasons why your school needs electrostatic cleaning:

1. Safe

When considering school cleaning alternatives, this is a safe and effective way to clean the entire facility. The electrically charged particles do not need as much solution as with wiping, with the mist going a lot farther. Since the mist dries quickly, everyone can enjoy a disinfected room within a matter of minutes. This decreases the liability of illnesses while cutting down on the number of days students and staff are out sick. This creates a peaceful environment where visitors can feel safe. Schools may utilize a hybrid learning environment, so everyone is susceptible to unknown germs daily.

2. Efficient

Electrostatic cleaning takes less time while covering larger areas. Every surface is covered without having to wipe it off. This kills viruses, bacteria, and germs on desks, in the office, in restrooms, locker rooms, the gym, and all areas where traffic is prominent. Studies have shown that this method is about 50% faster than a traditional method of disinfecting areas. It can also be done while school is still in session without disrupting operations. As a touchless application, this leaves more time for the school janitorial staff to pay attention to other areas of the building that are soiled and stained. The time getting to all the hidden areas or areas that have been ignored is significantly reduced, ensuring the entire school is protected.

3. Effective

This saves time and money but is more effective in killing germs or viruses up to eight times more than wiping surfaces. The advantage of using electrostatic cleaning is that it hits surfaces quickly, dries, and disinfects. With so many variants showing up, and people getting sick with common colds and the flu, ensuring touchable areas are protected helps heighten awareness and safety.

4. Cuts Costs

This service has a clean impact on areas but has additional advantages that save money. First, this process does not use as much solution, disinfects faster than traditional cleaning methods, there is no wiping involved, it is environmentally friendly and reduces waste. This is especially important when considering office cleaning alternatives.

5. More Control

This type of cleaning helps with peace of mind and provides more control over what is cleaned. It is not uncommon for certain areas to be overlooked (we’re all human), but this method provides consistent coverage over designated areas every time. This also helps the janitorial staff keep track of disinfected areas, pinpoint areas that really need attention after they have cleaned them, and can assist in creating a rotating schedule to ensure classrooms, restrooms, the cafeteria, and student-led areas stay protected.