Frequently Asked Questions:

The cost depends on what you want.We will need to ask some questions, such as:
  • Frequency
  • Level of service
  • What would you like to see happen?
  • How many people are in and out of your building?
It all boils down to time. How much time will it take to complete what you need done?We can clean as deeply as you desire. But in order to provide an accurate quote, we need to understand your cleaning needs.

Yes! In order to give you the most accurate estimate possible, we will need to do a video walk-through of the building we’ll be cleaning. Doing so will enable us to understand finishes, the scope of the job, the traffic the space gets, etc.

For a quote, give us a call at 217-670-2004 now or use our contact form.

No. We specialize in commercial cleaning.

All of our training is geared towards commercial cleaning. Our processes and systems are built for commercial, industrial, and office spaces.

We want to be the best cleaners in the industry! By focusing on commercial cleaning, we can dive deeper into the service and be the best cleaners in Springfield.

We use all Green Certified Chemistry. Our chemicals are mixed by a machine in order to avoid human error. We also have hypoallergenic chemistry for those who are sensitive!
Yes, we are trained to properly treat COVID Hot Spots. We use cutting edge technology and chemistry with COVID-killing efficiency.
We can generally get started very quickly; many times within an hour.Your team will be safe to enter your office 10 minutes after we’re finished sanitizing.

It will be safe to re-enter your space 10 minutes after we’ve finished cleaning.

Our chemistry will kill 99.99% of COVID within 10 minutes. Our process encapsulates all surfaces and annihilates germs, viruses, and bacteria.

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Clean Impact commercial cleaning services serves the Springfield, Illinois area. Please use the form below to get in touch with us.

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