Commercial Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Are you looking at your VCT floors (these are square tiles glued to the floor) and wondering if they can ever be shiny again?

Are you grossed out that the edges are grimy and discolored?

Do you get embarrassed when customers visit your office?

The good news is you have options.

First let’s talk about Stripping & Waxing

What it is:

  • First you mop on chemicals to loosen the wax
  • Then use a machine to scrub the chemicals & floor
  • Next you suck up all the slop
  • Now you have to mop the floors with clean water over and over
  • Once the floor is dry it’s time to wax
  • Spread a thin coat of wax over entire area
  • Wait 45 minutes and repeat waxing 3 more times

When it's needed:

  • If the edges are grimy and you can’t easily scratch it up
  • If there is hair or dust under the wax
  • If there are rust spots or deep dirt that doesn’t come up by scratching
  • If there are dark spots under chairs and desks

What’s my alternative?

  • Live with the dinge knowing it will get worse
  • Purchase a new floor & pay to have it installed
  • Move out =)

Another option you have is
Scrubbing & Recoating your VCT floors

What is Scrubbing & Recoating?

  • Mop on a little fresh water (no harsh chemicals)
  • Use a high speed orbital machine to (essentially) sand the top 1-2 coats of wax off your floors
  • Mop up debris with clean water over and over
  • Spread a thin coat of wax over entire area.
  • Wait 45 minutes and repeat waxing 3 more times.

When can you Scrub & Recoat your floors?

  • If the current wax is free from hair, staples, dust, and embedded grime
  • If your wax is not discolored
  • If your wax is in pretty good shape (we can help you determine this)
  • If there is little to no wax on your floors and they are is good shape (little or no shine left on your floors)
Floor Cleaning Service
Commercial Floor Cleaning

If you just need to touch up your floors
you can Burnish them to bring the shine back

This sounds fun. What is Burnishing your floors?

  • Use a high speed spinning machine (that’s a technical term) to heat the top layer of wax
  • Mop a thin coat of wax on the freshly heated floors
  • Use a polishing pad on the same spinning machine to make your floor nice and shiny

When can you Burnish?

  • If you have a good base of wax that is well maintained
  • Your floors are a little dull
  • You just want to remove surface scratches in the wax and make your floor shine

I know it’s a lot to think about. Partnering with a professional company like Clean Impact that specializes in floor care is a critical first step.

We understand that using a fan to hurry the drying process is a terrible idea; this will blow hair and dust onto your freshly waxed floors. Not having the proper humidity can cause air bubbles to form in your wax; this looks terrible and can collect dirt and grime in the little bumps. Not properly cleaning your edges will keep your floor looking dingy; people will notice, even if it’s subconsciously.

I know it’s tempting to take the cheapest bid or help a friend out. Don’t fall into this hole. You will spend more time and money trying to fix it.

Let Clean Impact help you navigate your floor care. We’ll help you restore your floors back to their original beauty. We’ll also help to maintain your floors and keep your office floors shiny and fresh.

The process is simple:

  • We’ll come out and take a look
  • We’ll make a recommendation and come up with an action plan
  • We will make it right
  • We will come up with automatic maintenance plan to keep your floors looking like new.
  • You set it and forget it!
Professional Floor Cleaner

Once we restore your floors, we will not have to use harsh chemicals to maintain them. This means no more stinky residue. No more irritating fumes and no more headaches. You just get to walk into freshly cleaned and maintained floors for years and years to come.

Once we get your floors right we keep them right. No hassle. No scheduling (we will call and remind you of course). We just show up like little floor magicians and take care of you.

Proper floor maintenance will protect your investment, save you money and make your office brighter and fresher hands down! Let Clean Impact help you.

Call Clean Impact now to put your floor care on autopilot!

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