Blue Toilet Water

Who would want to start a company that cleans toilets??

That’s a legit question. It only takes one time of getting blue toilet water splashed in your face to make you second guess all of your life decisions. But In this case it’s two guys that have the comfort to tell each other when we are messing up; to be real enough to realize what constructive criticism is. Two guys that have decades of real world experience that just want to create something great. Two guys that believe self-development is the only way to serve their family and friends. Two guys that genuinely want to be better tomorrow than they are today.

I met my good friend Jon over 2 decades ago. We were two young, indestructible men who knew everything. We were going to blaze our own path in the world we knew everything about. What a valuable lesson! We soon learned the only way to get better is to surround ourselves with people who are way smarter than we. The world yields a complicated existence. We have learned many tuff lessons. But we had many great influencers to help center us.

The life lessons we have learned to this point afforded us the knowledge we needed to understand we have more to offer. We wanted to find an industry that we could apply our skills and passion for standardized processes to provide an outstanding service time and time again. We settled on commercial cleaning. This is a service that has been neglected for many years. It seems like 80% of businesses we talk to are not completely satisfied with their cleaning service. Why is that ok? Why is that normal? If my phone doesn’t work every time, I’m upset. If my employees only perform at half effort, they get reprimanded. Why do we tolerate subpar commercial cleaning? You shouldn’t. A professional cleaning company like will make your life easier while saving you money and most importantly TIME.

Commercial cleaning, when done professionally, brings a real value to the businesses that are being served. It keeps employees and customers healthy. It solidifies a businesses’ image as someone who cares about the details. Having a properly cleaned office improved cognitive thinking and the ability to problem solve. See it’s not just cleaning, it’s a premium service that should not be taken lightly.

So why did we start a company cleaning toilets? Because we want to do something significant. We genuinely believe we can provide a healthier and safer environment for people to work in. We believe that clean fresh air should be a luxury all businesses offer to their customers and employees. And we believe that cleaning is not just cleaning, if done properly it can actually make you healthier, improve mood and enhance your image. Remember words spread faster than germs.

-The Guy in the Bow Tie