Office Deep Cleaning Service

Why is it important to
deep clean your office?

Have you ever deep cleaned your house? I mean really get in there and hunt all dust bunnies to extinction?

If so, do you have a plan? A system that works? Of course you do; it’s familiar territory. You know your house inside and out and have probably cleaned it many times. You have a flow, a process, a system to deep clean.

Now imagine deep cleaning a new place every day. I’m not talking about a house; I’m talking about deep cleaning an office or a school or even a medical facility.

This can be a real challenge. You’ve never been to that place. Where do you start? How do you find your flow and make sure the deep clean is thorough and you’re not missing entire areas?

Why deep cleaning is important

Before we dive into the process of a proper deep clean, let’s first discuss why deep cleaning is so important:

We shed about 9 pounds of skin cells every year. How do you feel about walking around your office knowing that it isn’t properly cleaned?

Dust has a smell (it’s made up of organics, dirt, mites and skin cells). It’s on every door jam, window sill, light switch, picture frame; every surface collects dust. Some surfaces may have a few flakes and some may be completely covered. All these little particles add up to a dingy, musty smell.

Regular cleaning teams don’t get to all areas of your office. Most professional cleaning companies regularly clean restrooms, take out trash, dust highly visible surfaces, and do a quick vacuum. This is all great stuff and helps. But, if you really want to keep your office healthy and fresh, you need to do a deep clean at least once per year.

When you hire a new cleaning company you absolutely want to have an initial deep clean performed. At Clean Impact, this is a strong suggestion before we start our regular cleans. Trying to catch up and keep up is very difficult to do. Our customers find value in us coming in and getting their building up to our standards then maintaining these high standards throughout our partnership.
Your team will notice a significant difference right away. When you enter a building that is fresh and clean, you notice! This sets the standard high. Your team and customers will notice this standard and assume you operate this way with all respects to your business.
Deep cleaning photo from Clean Impact, commercial cleaners in Springfield Il

How we deep clean

Now we know why it is important to deep clean, but how can Clean Impact consistently provide a superior quality deep clean when every building is different?

First you have to have a solid game plan

• Walk the building with the team
• Identify the perimeter
• Perform one task at a time to completion (start in one spot and end at that same spot)
• Dust all areas high first then low vacuum last

Next you need a well-trained team

• There is a process and a science to a legit deep clean
• Training where and how to start is critical to not missing areas or not backtracking and causing inefficiencies
• People feel like they are part of something great. All professionals train (athletes, speakers, managers etc.)

All this is great, but you need accountability

• You need to make sure you are following up with your deep clean team
• You need a checklist of hot spots that are generally missed and walk through the building to ensure these are cleaned.
• A team that is valued and rewarded holds each other accountable. We are a team; we succeed together
• The Clean Impact Team understands the level of service that is expected. They know we are all following up on each other and ensuring everyone is adhering to these standards.
• No one is perfect. You have to take pride in your service and give it your best effort every time.

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Clean Impact has helped hundreds of companies realize the euphoria of a fresh, healthy environment in their office, school, church or other amazing workplace.

One particular example is a school we were able to help out…

This school had their own janitorial staff helping them clean for many years. After time, the janitors got complacent. They were in a routine, a familiar process. This caused them to get comfortable and consistently miss details (this is particularly bad in a school where kids are coughing, sneezing and touching every surface and then their face). After years of conversations and adjustments, the problem would go away for a month or so but it continued to show its ugly face.

Finally the school began having conversations with outside cleaning companies. They needed consistent quality cleaning to help protect the staff, kids, and families they serve. We were blessed with the opportunity to help. During our initial deep clean we removed pounds and pounds of dust. Our towels were filthy from wiping years of grime and funk from the desks and chairs where students and teachers were spending their days.

After a week of deep cleaning and now 2 years later, the building still looks and feels fresh. The air quality has improved and the environment is conducive to cognitive thought and the ability to problem-solve. These kids and teachers feel better walking in everyday knowing they are being helped by a professional cleaning team.

What could this fresh environment
for your office?

Reduce sickness and the spread of germs and viruses

Enhance mood and productivity

Improve cognitive thought and the ability to problem solve

Enrich your image and the way your company is perceived. If you invest this much energy in a clean building you are perceived to invest the same energy in all aspects of your business.

Clean Impact is different from many other cleaning companies:
  • Our team takes pride in serving
  • We know we are doing our part to help keep our community safe and healthy
  • We believe customer service is our number one priority
  • We understand having a company culture that fosters greatness is the best way to accomplish these goals.
If you are interested in learning more about deep cleaning your office please contact us anytime.

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