About Us

Our Mission:

To make a lasting impact with our customers, employees and the Springfield community

Our Story:

Growing up, Kirk and Jon always felt the forced responsibility to keep a clean space. The nerve of their parents for making them clean their rooms and do the dishes!

Kirk and Jon have had a long history of cleaning together. They first met during a weekend camping trip while joining a business fraternity. Kirk was the only one smart enough to bring a big ‘ole tent and giant air mattress and Jon was the only one slick enough to sneak in prohibited “adult beverages”. Obviously they became fast friends! Their destiny was sealed early the next morning (red-eyed and tired) as they cleaned up the huge mess from the previous night’s shenanigans.

After college, they both entered the working world and quickly excelled into leadership positions, building and running multi-million dollar businesses. Over the past decade, they have managed projects for Fortune 100 Companies and trained hundreds of people along the way. But the most rewarding job of all was and continues to be taking care of their beautiful families.

With entrepreneurial mindsets, Kirk and Jon finally decided it was finally time to branch off on their own and start a family-oriented small business, with the mission of serving and helping people.

Clean Impact was made to change the commercial cleaning game!

Our Core Values:

Be Remarkable

Elevate your work, provide value & earn respect.


We protect, encourage and draw strength from all family relationships.

Be Humble

Being nice feels good. Servants are rewarded.

Have Faith

Build your foundation based on Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior.

Meet The Team

Providing consistent, quality custodial service time and time again.
We selectively hire & train our own team and equip them with the latest technology to make their jobs easier while keeping your facility cleaner and healthier!

Our Founders

Kirk Kellus

Kirk Kellus - Owner, Clean Impact LLC
I am a dedicated family man who enjoys the pleasures and challenges of balancing a beautiful wife and two lovely kids with a passion to serve others as an entreprenuer. I have 20 years of leadership training, with the past 10 years of running a multi-million dollar construction organization. I earned my MBA and have spent the last few years using this knowledge to focus on efficiencies and team motivation.

Jon Roe

Jon Roe - Clean Impact LLC

I have a passion for work, but my true job starts with my wife and three boys. They are the source of all my fun, passion, and interests.

I have been a self-starter building multiple successful businesses over the past 15 years. I enjoy coaching youth sports, and spending time outdoors with my family and friends.

Our management team takes a hands-on, personal approach with every account we service!

A Little More About Us:
CLEAN IMPACT is a full custodial service, privately owned commercial cleaning company. We proudly serve Springfield and surrounding areas.
Clean Impact LLC Team Building
Team Building

We work hard at Clean Impact. And let’s face it, cleaning toilets isn’t real glamorous. We want our team to feel encouraged, so we host numerous parties, reward events, and customer admiration shin-digs to show our appreciation. Feeling like you are part of a team is inspiring!

Clean Impact LLC Continued Training
Continued Training

In order to be the best, you must constantly improve. There is no way Rocky could have beat Apollo without spending countless hours training to Eye of the Tiger! Our training programs are designed to develop our team members into leaders and to reach their full potential.

Clean Impact LLC Community

We grew up in the community of Springfield so we want to give back whenever possible.
We volunteer within the community and incentivize our team to do so as well.
This ties into our core values and brings our team together outside of the workplace.

Clean Impact LLC Team Incentives
Team Incentives

Who doesn’t like a reward? Our most primal instinct is to put in extra effort if a reward is awaiting us. Why else would a caveman chase down a woolly mammoth? The culture at Clean Impact rewards those who go above and beyond. Our incentive program is designed to offer you the best possible customer experience.

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