Customer Service

Do You Love
Being Treated Great?

Think back to a great customer service experience. How did you feel? You felt valued and appreciated right? Remarkable customer service really stands out; it’s something you remember.

At Clean Impact customer service is our #1 priority. We are revolutionizing the cleaning industry by focusing on our customer’s experience.

Gone Are The Days Of:

Not returning phone calls

It sucks when your cleaning company doesn’t call you back

Arguing about cleaning oversights

Did your cleaning company call you a liar again?

Brushing it under the rug (pun intended)

Many cleaning companies think problems will be forgotten or just go away.

Waiting days or weeks to fix issues

You’re paying for a service right?

Feeling inferior

Did your cleaning company make you feel bad for calling them?

Here Are The Days Of:

Getting your phone calls answered and returned with respect and compassion

You will feel great talking to the Clean Impact Team.

You say we missed it; we don’t question it, we just come fix it

It’s that simple!

Great communication

We are NOT bashful with our team. We talk to them and address issues head-on. They all know our standards are very high.

Not having to wait days or weeks to fix problems

We will be there the same day (often within an hour) to fix any concerns. No one’s perfect!

Feeling like a rockstar

We want to make you happy. If you need to call us, you get the respect you deserve.

We understand problems need to be addressed immediately. Issues don’t just fix themselves; good leadership and a remarkable team fixes them.

In reality, most cleaning companies are afraid to address issues with their employees. They’re afraid the employee will pout or walk off.

Our standards are much higher at Clean Impact! One of our core values is BE HUMBLE. This means our cleaning team is receptive to feedback. We’re always looking for ways to be better. We know that more is caught than is taught. We want our families and customers to catch us being remarkable.

Making others feel great with the best customer service is a great way to model being HUMBLE.

How can Clean Impact offer
Award-Winning Customer Service?

We hire the right people

We help our employees show up better in their personal lives. We offer monthly mastermind classes for: Budgeting, Finances, Mindfulness, Better parenting, and Meditation to name a few.
We hold our team to high standards and allow them to catch us being remarkable.
We empower our team to do special things for our customers then reward them for excellence.

We encourage our team to live up to their potential. If we notice them slipping, we have a conversation to refocus their energy.

Getting the job done right is super important. Treating customers with respect and kindness is critical. Being remarkable is the key. Here are a few remarkable things that separate Clean Impact from other cleaning companies:
We might treat your team to hot chocolate on cold days – We even make it from scratch using grandma’s recipe

We leave random surveys on desks to get cleaning feedback from your team. Any concerns will be fixed and your employees will feel valued

We might bring you a snow cone truck and give free snowcones to your staff. Think about the production increase after all that sugar!

We will start the conversation – We’ll send emails asking if there’s anything we can do to be better (we don’t spam or send a bunch of crap; we just like to check in from time to time).

We leave random gifts of appreciation on desks. It could be Bob in the mailroom or Kathy at the reception desk. We want everyone to share in the Clean Impact experience.

Clean Impact customer service photo - free hot chocolate
Clean Impact customer service photo - thank you gift

Bottom line is you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will be valued and respected if you partner with Clean Impact.

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