Post Construction Cleanup

How can our 20 + years of
construction experience

serve your post construction deep clean?

Anybody that has ever been through a remodel understands that debris gets everywhere. Dust from construction is sucked into air vents and re-distributed on every surface. It’s on top of every door jam, it covers every light fixture and it embeds itself in brand new carpet.

I’ve personally been on dozens and dozens of construction projects. I was a general laborer and spent thousands of hours cleaning up after construction projects. I’ve worked through the end of project “punch lists”. We know firsthand what to expect with a post construction clean. You need a professional company with a process exclusively designed for post construction cleaning.

What are the key components of a successful post construction clean?

Good Communication

Schedules and timelines change. Work is being completed up to the last minute. You need a cleaning company that understands these things and can be flexible.

Solid Cleaning Process

Dust & debris are everywhere. You need a professional cleaning partner who is experienced with this type of work.

Good Planning

Every building is different. You need a cleaning team that uses a post construction punch list to hit all the details.


At the end of the project you want to know that the building is ready to be turned over to your customer. You want your work to shine! A crappy post construction clean will just add another headache. Sure there is no such thing as perfect. We will be there helping until you are 100% satisfied with the results.

Why should you choose Clean Impact
for your post construction clean?

Post Construction Cleanup By Clean Impact

You have spent countless hours remodeling or building your new space.

Your work looks great, right!?

Will your customer see all this greatness if the place still feels a little funky?

Will they be proud to walk in for their first day in their new space?

If you use Clean Impact for your final cleaning they will!

Windows need to be scraped, paint splatters need to be removed, floors need deep cleaning. Dust needs to be removed and the place needs to look and feel fresh. We understand that sometimes we have to work around other trades who are still trying to finish up the job.

You need a team that understands the difference between trash and items that need to be saved.

Sometimes these post construction cleans
are emergencies.

You need a cleaning team with a quick response.

Not quick work; efficient work that is done right and done on schedule and on time.

Emergency repairs will happen. Clean Impact will clean up after emergencies.

Is your customer coming for a last minute walk through?

Offering a final walk-through to ensure superior quality cleaning is something we take pride in. We will walk the building with your managers to ensure we are performing to your standards.

Your schedule tight? We will walk the building for you and take a video of the final product and send it to you for final approval. Quality and satisfaction are guaranteed.

It takes more than just a mop and bucket to properly clean up after a construction project. Having the right tools and process for the job are essential to ensuring that you get a clean building post construction.

Whether it is a small renovation or a massive new build, Clean Impact is the best cleaning company to serve your post construction cleaning needs.

Combine our years of service with on-site construction work AND our years of service leading a professional cleaning company and YOU GET GREAT RESULTS. We know what it takes to get the job done right.

Interested in learning more? Contact us now for a quick conversation to see if Clean Impact is a good fit for your post construction cleaning needs.

Post Construction Cleaning By Clean Impact's Team

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