A Smarter Use of Your Cleaning Dollar

I will be the first to admit that I’m not perfect, I make mistakes. The difference between us and many other cleaning companies is we genuinely care about our community, customers and our team. Our hearts smile when we make people happy.

Since we are human and sometimes make mistakes we must have a proper tactic to solve problems when they arise. What’s the best way to do this? Have an open and friendly line of communication.

I’ve heard too often that complaints to a cleaning company are not treated tastefully. The cleaning company feels inconvenienced by the phone call and reacts with an abrasive solution. This causes the customer to feel bad about calling and voicing their concern about a cleaning issue. So next time they don’t call when there’s an issue. And they don’t call again when the next issue arises. This continues on until the building is filthy and the customer is left angry and looking for a new cleaning solution.

Remember how stressful it is looking for, interviewing and onboarding a new cleaning company? This is precisely why many customers just continue to suffer through uncomfortable phone calls about missed details, continue to suffer through dirt, dust and germs throughout their office and continue to suffer with the time drain of stressing about the commodity of a clean office. It doesn’t have to be this way.

When looking for a new cleaning company don’t just look for the cheapest or someone who can clean. Everyone knows how to clean (this is low value). Look for a company that has exceptional customer service. A company that will solve any problems with one friendly phone call. A company where the owners are local and invested in our community. When a company values their reputation, they will do what it takes to make you happy.

Remember cleaning isn’t just cleaning. The real value is the partnership between the cleaning company and the client. Look for professionalism and training to ensure you get the best possible service. Look for technology and systems that provide accountability. And look for owners
and teams that genuinely care about people. There is a real value to this.

Save time, reduce stress and remove the anxiety of your yearly search for a new cleaning company.