The Guy in the Bow Tie’s Secret Origin

The Guy in the Bow Tie isn’t just a catchy marketing phrase, It’s a way of life. I know this sounds a little dramatic; it kinda is. All drama aside, there are multiple reasons why I wear a bowtie and why I’m known as the Guy in the Bow Tie.

The Guy in the Bow Tie living the bow tie life.
Living the Guy in the Bow Tie life.

It all started when I was 2 and I saw Paul Simon… scratch that, remove the drama.

I started wearing a bowtie when I was in my 30’s. I love the look, I love the feel and I love standing out in a crowd. Let’s face it if we want to be noticed we MUST stand out. What a better way that an imperfect bow tied around your neck? Just look around; you don’t see very many men wearing bow ties. This was the perfect opportunity for me to shine.

The Journey Begins

I remember my first attempt at wearing this funny little bow. Like anyone wanting to learn, I turned to YouTube for a simple tutorial. The guy made it look super simple, so I dove right in.

First attempt: fail.

Second through sixth attempts: fail!

Seventh attempt: YES!

It kinda looks like a bow, but my arms are starting to cramp. Untie and try again. And again. I remember that my arms felt like wet noodles. You try bending your arms to your neck for a minute or two to see what I mean. I’m sure this is why many men don’t wear bowties; they can’t make it past this agonizing pain and the feeling of losing all blood flow to your hands. Don’t feel sorry for me! It all worked out in the long run. I don’t even need to look in a mirror anymore. Although, there are still some ties that are a huge pain in the neck (all puns intended) to get right and I’m reminded of that first time.

Bow Ties: The Next Generation. The Guy in the Bow Tie with his children, one girl, one boy. The boy wears a bow tie.
Bow Ties: The Next Generation

Bow Ties: The Next Generation

Ok,  we know the selfish reason I like to wear bowties is to stand out. Now, I’ll share a less selfish reason, my kids. My kids pick out the bowtie I wear almost every day. It’s a fun activity that we look forward to. It’s not really about the bowtie, it’s about the few minutes we get to spend every day just being goofy and talking about our day to come. Since bowties aren’t very common, I get compliments on them every day. Each time they do, I am reminded of my kids and the reason why I am out doing what I do. I spend a lot of time out in our community advertising for our locally owned commercial cleaning company. Standing out is very important.

What The Bow Tie Means To Me

Speaking of standing out, being the Guy in the Bowtie is also marketing. Most of the social functions I attend I’m the only guy in a bowtie. Everyone is wearing a boring regular tie and a jacket. I’m the guy wearing shorts, a short-sleaved button up, boat shoes and, you guessed it, a bright, imperfectly tied bowtie. That’s right, my marketing worked. People notice my awesome digs and ask what I do. It is the perfect transition to explain that I operate the world’s greatest office cleaning company. I explain that we have the greatest cleaning team in the world. Then I’m reminded of my beautiful kids who helped pick out my fabulous bowtie. Win Win Win!!

Bottom line is it takes confidence to rock a bowtie. You must have swag. Rocking a bowtie with normal business wear is one thing but as I mentioned above, rocking a bowtie with shorts and boat shoes takes a special kind of confidence. I carry this same confidence into everything I do: leading our company and our team with confidence. Most importantly, I lead my family with confidence. I know that every time I tie that beautiful little bow around my neck I have the swag to go out into the world and give it everything I have.  I also have the comfort of knowing why I’m doing what I’m doing. My kids will catch me being remarkable.

The Guy in the Bow Tie and his family
The Bow Tie Family. You’ll find us in your community!

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