My Cleaner Stinks

Have you ever noticed your cleaning company does a good job for the first month or two then BOOM!! They drop off and start to miss things! You are back to finding crumbs on the counter, dirty bathrooms and cobwebs in the windowsills. Think about the things they are missing that you can’t see? Germs, Bacteria and Skin cells; just to get you started. You aren’t the only company this happens to. As the owner of a professional commercial cleaning company this is a total disgrace. Don’t worry I will tell you why this happens. Are you ready?

It’s simple; the cleaning company really wants your business and will bid it aggressively to stay within your budget.

Staying in budget is great right? Absolutely! This is precisely why your cleaning quality suffers after the first month’s cleaning. After one month of cleaning the cleaning company owner realizes they aren’t making any money servicing your account. Their next step? Cut hours, cut scope and hurry through the cleaning. See, the cleaning company owner is looking at their budget too (they just didn’t do it in the right order). The bad part is you suffer because you weren’t properly informed what it actually takes to serve your needs.

It’s totally the fault of the cleaning company owners that customer don’t really understand what it takes to properly service your business. Many times, the customer’s budget was set years ago. It’s our job as a professional cleaning company to honestly and accurately estimate what it will take to provide you great service.

Let’s dive a little deeper, you create a budget you think is appropriate because cleaning is just cleaning right? Wrong! A professional cleaning company will improve your business’s image, improve the health of your employees, increase productivity (see our clean air Blog) and provide a safe environment for your employees and customers.

We want to educate you so you don’t have to suffer through another difficult, time consuming conversation with your cleaning company about your office being dirty. You deserve better and have much more productive things to do with your time. Don’t hire your cleaning company the same way you have in the past or you will get the same results as before.

Don’t let the allure of the cheapest price influence your hiring decision. Remember the anger you feel when you see dirty counters, remember the frustration of seeing cobwebs in the corners, remember the furry of seeing hand prints on your front glass and remember the embarrassment of having others see a filthy bathroom. Then remember why this is happening. The scope of the work isn’t the only thing getting cut because of lack of budget; Your reputation, image and nerves are also being cut.

Stop the bleeding. Hire a professional.