10 Overlooked Places Germs are Hiding in Your Office

Germs can hide everywhere in the office – including a lot of places where you might not be looking. Getting rid of germs can help prevent office illnesses and absenteeism, which can save your company time and money. Getting rid of germs can also improve productivity, if it helps keep your employees healthier. Below are ten places where germs can often be found around the office.

1. Coffee Maker

The coffee maker is a part of the kitchen that many people touch throughout the day. After all, who wants to go without their daily cup of coffee? This means that parts of the coffee maker pick up germs from the hands of people who touch them.

In addition to the fact that people touch the coffee maker throughout the day, coffee makers can also accumulate germs and bacteria inside the water tank and in the part of the coffee maker that holds the coffee grounds. Clean the entire coffee maker – from the buttons to the water tank – on a regular basis.

2. Copy Machine, Printer

Copy machines and printers are parts of the office that many people come into contact with throughout the day. The buttons and high-contact parts of these machines can be especially germy. These buttons need to be cleaned with a disinfectant at the end of every day.

3. Water Cooler

The water cooler isn’t just a place where people gather – it’s also a thing that people touch. Cleaning the knobs or handles on the water cooler can stop the spread of germs while people are getting water to quench their thirst.

4. Door Handles and Key Pads

Door handles and locking key pads get touched many times of the day. These surfaces should be cleaned with disinfectant at least once every ay, if not multiple times per day.

5. Refrigerator

Depending on how often the refrigerator is cleaned out (and what people put in it) the refrigerator can have quite a few germs and bacteria on the inside. What you may not know is that the refrigerator can also have a lot of germs on the door handle and on high-touch parts of the fridge exterior.

After all, most people who keep food at the office will touch the refrigerator two or three times per day – once when they put their lunches in the fridge, once when they get their lunch out at meal time, and once when they take their lunch home at the end of the day.

6. Keyboards, Mice and Phones

Obviously, the keyboards, mice and desk phones are all parts of the office that get touched throughout the day. These surfaces should be cleaned regularly. Make disinfectant wipes available to your employees so they can do this themselves, before they get started at the beginning of the day.

7. Blinds

How often are the blinds opened and closed in your office in a normal day? Cleaning the blinds regularly helps stop the spread of germs and also prolongs the service life of your blinds by preventing them from becoming stained with fingerprints.

8. Shared Furniture

Shared furniture in parts of the building like the lobby can get very germy, especially if your lobby is open to the public or clients who come in and out of your office regularly. Arm rests in particular are high-touch areas, but all parts of the furniture can collect bacteria over time.

9. Stairways and Hallways

Handrails for stairways are high touch areas, as are the walls of hallways. These parts of your office building should be cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning your handrails on a weekly basis is a good idea. Walls may be cleaned less often, but should be cleaned regularly because they can become stained over time.

10. Conference Rooms

Conference rooms get used a lot, so they can get pretty germy over time. The dirtiest parts of the conference room tend to be the tables, the arm rests on the chairs, door handles and light switches (unless your lights are motion activated). Ask your commercial cleaning company to clean your conference rooms at least once per week, if not more frequently.

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