What Has our Community Learned from C-19?

We have learned a lot:
  • We have learned a whole new respect for teachers. Our kids have the attention span of a fly.
  • We have learned that tequila tastes pretty good at 11 am. Hey our kids have the attention span of a fly.
  • We have learned that wearing pajama pants to meetings is awesome! The mute button is pretty great too.
  • We have learned that we never cleaned our work areas. Think back to the amount of funk you have been surrounded by.
  • We have learned that it’s okay, and much more productive, if we allow ourselves 20 min to unwind every afternoon. A quick siesta in your chair or 10 pages of a book. Pro tip: If you want to close your eyes for a refreshing ‘cat nap’ hold something in your hand ( I use a Tylenol bottle) when you start to fall asleep you will drop it and wake up. This allows you to rest without getting into a deep slumber which would make you more tired.
Clean Impact commercial cleaning in Springfield - desk photo

Most importantly, we have learned that our time and schedule can be run much more efficiently than it has in the past. We have learned that if we get our daily tasks done, we can slack off with our family. This has caused many of us to become efficiency experts and pros at freeing up our time so we can spend it doing what we enjoy.

Not all of us have learned these lessons. It was interesting to talk to our team and hear what they had to say.

What is the best lesson you have learned over the past 9 months?