Sticky floors BAD; Squeaky floors GOOD

There is a science to properly cleaning a floor and surfaces. Many people think: “I’ll just add more chemicals to my mop water and REALLY get these floors clean.” This is absolutely the wrong way to approach proper, professional cleaning. There is a huge difference between a squeaky floor and a sticky floor.

Think about a child’s hand after they eat a piece of candy. It’s sticky right!? Everything they touch deposits a little sticky residue. Plus, The same is true for your floors and surfaces. Sticky surfaces attract germs, viruses, bacteria, and dirt. When you’re walking across a floor and your shoes are sticking, things are sticking to your shoes. These ‘things’ are now being transferred to your car, house and other sacred spaces you want to keep clean.

A squeaky floor, on the other hand, is a surface free of residue, dirt, dust, and debris. Think about a basketball player their shoes are constantly squeaking. This squeak is in direct contact with the floor; not contact with chemical residue or dirt and dust. This is a good thing! This is a safe and healthy thing. This is exactly the results you want from a professional cleaning company that is in your space to keep you safe and healthy.

Bottom line, a sticky floor or surface is a direct result of an improper chemistry mixture. It’s the result of an untrained crew that thinks more chemical is better. More chemical is NOT better. It attracts germs, viruses, and bacteria. It puts unhealthy fumes in the air. More chemicals on surfaces can cause skin irritations. More chemicals don’t kill viruses ‘extra dead.’ It does the exact opposite; it attracts these germs and viruses to your skin, shoes, and clothes.

Think about this the next time you are walking across a floor and your shoes are sticking. Think about this the next time you put your arm on your desk and your skin sticks to the surface. Think about this the next time you are thinking about the level of surface you are receiving from your current cleaning crew.

Understand the science behind cleaning. This will help keep you, your family, and your team safe and healthy.