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    Clean Impact is the best commercial cleaning company in Springfield! We offer a wide range of janitorial services that fit your business and the things that are important to you. We offer commercial janitorial services and deep cleaning backed by science with a great team of trained professionals. 

    We proudly provide professional cleaning services in Springfield, Jacksonville, Rochester, Chatham, Riverton, Decatur, Lincoln, Williamsville, Athens, Petersburg, Sherman, Taylorville

    We offer expanded office cleaning services to Bloomington, Normal, Champaign, Peoria, Litchfield. 

    What We Do

    School Cleaning

    Leading and managing your teaching staff is completely different from managing your school custodian. You need a partner that specializes in leading professional cleaning teams. We come to you to help with our kids; you come to us to help keep your school clean and healthy.

    Floor Cleaning

    Floors are the first thing your staff and customers see. Let us help you keep them beautiful. Nice looking floors aren't just good maintenance, it’s good marketing.

    Electrostatic Sanitizing

    Help your staff and customers feel comfortable knowing you are elevating your sanitizing to keep them safe and healthy. You get a certificate of clean on your door. We will update this certificate each time your office is electrostatically sanitized.

    Deep Cleans

    Plus, even if you have regular cleaning service, a deep clean is needed every year. Deep cleaning allows a dedicated cleaning team to dust hard to reach places, clean electronics, edge and vacuum obscure areas.

    Post Construction Cleanup

    Drywall dust and construction debris lands EVERYWHERE! You need an experienced team who understands what it takes to get the construction funk out. You make it beautiful, we’ll add the shine!

    Customer Service

    You will become raving fans of our customer service and professional cleaning team. You’ll be treasured and respected.

    Specialty Cleaning Services

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    School Cleaning

    Using an outside company to clean your school is efficient, effective and saves your staff time & headaches.

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    Deep Cleans

    Sometimes you just have to dive deep and get a clean, fresh start. Everyone will notice how clean it is!

    Clean Impact LLC Floor Cleaning

    Floor Cleaning

    We clean and maintain all types of flooring. Proper maintenance will protect your investment and keep your staff healthy.

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    Post Construction

    Impress your clients and let your craftsmanship shine. You won’t have to birddog us - we’re professionals!

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    Electrostatic Cleaning

    Mix science with electricity and get an electrically charged sanitizing mist that encases surfaces to destroy viruses and germs.

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    Customer Service

    You deserve to be heard and appreciated. You get award winning customer service and immediate responses guaranteed.