Dust Cleaning — The Biggest Summer Cleaning Challenge

Summer’s warmth often means opening up the windows and spending some added time outdoors. It’s a great feeling to be in the sun and enjoying the weather, but this often leads to the summer’s biggest cleaning challenge: dust. No matter how hard you try, chances are good this could be one of the cleaning challenges you face all season long. 

Why Is There So Much Dust in My Office During the Summer?

There are a few key reasons why dust can be so significant during the summer months. The biggest reason is that most people have the windows open more often. This allows tiny particles to get through the screens and land throughout the space. 

Farmers and fresh crops also cause pollen to be blown around in many areas. Even if they are miles away, this can travel. Fresh crops are always growing, and farmers are treating their crops often using machinery to do so. All of this stirs up more dust in the area, allowing it to travel with that warm summer breeze right into your space. 

In addition to this, people are often on the go and getting things done during the summer. With more people going in and out of the home, perhaps going for walks or going out for lunch, that increases the amount of times you are opening the door and allowing dust to sneak in. 

Another often overlooked reason for high dust accumulation is the air conditioner. Even with the windows and doors shut, the air conditioner is pulling air from the outside into the building. If you do not change the filters often enough, the dust blows right past them, recirculating that outdoor air back into the home.

what is dust

What Is Dust?

Does dust matter at all? It does, especially when you learn what it is. Dust is made up of a wide range of fine particles. That includes the pollen that’s in the air and mites, which are tiny bugs that eat skin cells. Those skin cells are also in dust. With more people sunning, there’s more skin shedding happening, creating more particles in the air. 

Dust can also come from clay, dirt, and other organic compounds found outdoors. The more you open and close the doors, the more likely this will be tracked into the home. 

Why Do You Need to Get the Dust Out?

In a business environment, the dust in office spaces is not only a bad impression, but it can also impact the way your team works. First, removing dust and keeping it out is critical to ensuring that you are reducing allergies in the workspace. Many people are prone to allergies during the spring and summer season because of the increased amount of dust. You could notice this with sneezing and coughing, but also from your employees missing work or noticing a drop in efficiency in their work as a result of feeling awful. 

Dust also has a dingy smell. The more dust present, the more funky your office smells. Even if you do not notice it, those who come into your office space are sure to notice the dingy, off smell that dust can create, especially when it increases and builds up. Don’t feel too bad though, new buildings are no less likely to have dust than older ones.

Another core reason to keep dust at bay is because of summer sickness. Dust is not just a substance that covers desks and picture frames. It also is food for viruses, tiny microscopic organisms that live throughout most environments. Summer sickness can be brought on by this build up of viruses that are feeding off of the available dust. Without a doubt, this can create problems for your team, including encouraging them to miss work because they feel ill. Is there something going around your office? The chances are good that it is being supported by dust.

Finally, fresh air is just a good thing not just for health but for the brain. When there is fresh, clean air in the office space, the area feels vibrant, clean, and more natural. That can lead to the brain functioning better. It may help to reduce frustrations and stress a bit, too.

When it comes to cleaning this summer, know that it is common for there to be an increased amount of dust present. That often means you need to step up the cleaning game a bit more to keep your space tidy and dust-free but also to ensure that your team is healthy and able to come to work and enjoy the work environment because it is healthy for them.

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