Commercial Cleaning is Easy…Not

Cleaning Encounters From A Commercial Cleaning Company Near Me

Clean Impact, Springfield’s premiere commercial cleaning service, understands the importance of sanitizing and disinfecting commercial spaces, dental offices, hospitals, medical clinics, schools, and professional offices. The most important role is to help keep people safe and healthy. On our noble quest for greatness we have endured some pretty disgusting stuff while serving our customers and community. Bottom line is people are gross!! Especially when they don’t have to clean up after themselves. This is good for business but it has burned some interesting and disgusting memories into the hearts of professional cleaners. Here are a few examples. Warning! There’s a good chance you will get sick reading some of these. I will add these are all true. Many things have happened to me personally.A

chewing tobacco incident

The Chewing Tobacco Incident

Here we are doing work at a really nice office space. The place is nicely decorated for Christmas. The people in the office are all dressed and groomed to the 10’s. Our cleaning professional just begun to load a pile of garbage bags onto her cart so she could dispose of them when she noticed that her left shoe had started to slip whenever she took a step. She saw something odd collecting at the top of her left sock. She realized in horror that it was someone’s chewing tobacco dripping from the garbage bags, seeping beneath her sock and making the back of her heel so slippery that it had begun to slip and slide with every step. The shoes had to be replaced. Gross right!? But wait there’s more…

sour grapes sour milk

Forget Sour Grapes. What About Sour Milk?

Nothing is as disgusting as the foul odor of gelatinized milk that has leaked onto the bottoms of garbage cans. This does happen and it’s funky! We just took over a hospital and started doing our initial deep cleaning to get things up to our standards. We noticed these gelatinized cans over and over again. This isn’t good for the quality of air we are breathing. As people who have pride in our work, we can transform the cans into their new, odorless condition.

when its hot

When It’s Hot, It’s Hot!

What could be less appealing than a floor drain that smells worse than a high school football locker room with no air conditioning on a 120° day? Clean Impact can take care of that.  We have to be able to understand the science of cleaning. When we notice something off we investigate and solve the problem. The funky drain is a tricky one. We started a new project at a daycare. We cleaned the floors, walls, and toilets to a shine any germaphobe would be proud of and yet that pesky smell was still there. Finally we realized the drain in the floor was dry and was allowing gasses to fill the restroom. Not to mention the little drain flies buzzing around the restroom. Now it is common for our team to add a little treated water to prevent the funk and danger of gasses in your office.

extra funk latte

I’ll Have Some Extra Funk With That Latte, Please.

Few things evoke the urge to vomit more than outdoor garbage cans packed with funky half-full mocha grande lattes, rotten half eaten food, and finger licking good greasy napkins sitting in the rain, followed by direct, sweltering sunlight. Picture this! You bend down to retrieve the garbage and are greeted by a face full of maggot-carrying flies looking for someplace to deposit their spawn. These are the times when commercial cleaning is anything but fun. There will be a Stephen King movie about this someday.

taco tuesday

Oh, boy. Taco Tuesday Again.

Have you ever considered what a commercial cleaning specialist has to endure after taco Tuesday? It isn’t pretty. Tacos have a particular way of “bringing out the worst” in a person. That can end up on the toilet seat on the floor, in the drains, and sometimes in the sinks. Go ahead, let your mind wander a little here. Just be neat and wipe the seat!!! Your coworkers and cleaning team will thank you.

we can clean it

We Can Clean That!

Clean Impact, Springfield, Illinois’ most outstanding cleaning solution, has been through it all while on our mission to be the best cleaning company in the world. We live our core value “Be Humble” to help push us through these gross moments in time. We are all proud to serve our community. Our team also lives our core value to “Always be Remarkable”  as we keep offices clean, hospitals disinfected, daycares sanitized and the community as a whole safer and healthier. One last professional cleaning tip I will leave you with is to always keep your face away from your toilet while scrubbing with one of those brushes. Those things will splash blue toilet water in your face from 3 feet away.

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